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valid in the whole Trier-Saarburg county

This overview informs you how our fares are calculated and about the rights and liabilities of taxi drivers and their customers. For this reason, we publish the relevant excerpts from the current statutory regulation about the fares and conditions for the non-scheduled taxi services in Konz. If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail. We will get in touch with you immediately and help you.


Basic price 3,00
Price per kilometre / fare level I
For assigned journeys there and return journeys
Price per kilometre / fare level II
for one-way journeys
The price per kilometre also includes the transport of children, and baggage
Waiting pay
Waiting pay per hour 21,00
Mandatory latency 30 Min.

Special claims by the customer as well as further journeys outside the mandatory area of transport or longer waiting times exceeding the mandatory conditions, are subject to a free accord.

Conditions of carriage